Artist Statement & Resume


"My love affair with form is evident in all of my work. This passion was appreciated in all my art classes throughout school eventually earning me artistic merit scholarships as well as academic grants from the University of Hartford Art School in West Hartford, Connecticut. There I received my fine arts degree in studio art concentrating in sculpture and printmaking. Since then I have worked as a monumental mold maker for Lands End Sculpture Center, a public school art teacher for Irving Robbins Middle School and started my own studio, Zimmerman Fine Art Studio, during the five years I resided overseas in China. While living in Connecticut, I have been juried into the memberships of both the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and Connecticut Women Artists organizations and recently juried into membership into the National Association of Women Artists in NYC. I have had solo exhibitions at the Alexey von Schlippe Gallery on the University of Connecticut’s Groton campus, Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut and at the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center in Storrs, Connecticut, which was sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, State of Connecticut's Office of the Arts and Windham Arts. My work has been juried into international, national and regional group exhibitions and I have won awards at the New Britain Museum of American Art, Mystic Museum of Art, University of Connecticut and Guilford Art Center exhibitions to note a few."

“At the beginning of my career, I received a public commission for a life-sized cast bronze sculpture, titled Melody, that is part of the permanent collection in the renowned Benson Park Sculpture Garden in Loveland, Colorado. Today I am collaborating with Modern Multiples in Los Angeles, California, creating a full range of serigraphs from my graphite drawings. Last year, due to this work, I was chosen as one of thirty-two artists from across the nation thought to lead the way in this new millennium in an exhibit titled: Taos Art Insurgency: The New Protagonists. This visionary exhibition was located in Taos, New Mexico, a major artist’s colony that has been at the forefront of most of the major modern art movements initiated within the last 120 years.”

“My art is the way I explore ideas concerning relationships, stages of life and culture. It is a meditative practice of sorts that helps me stop and think about the issues of our time. As I work I find layers of meaning both intentional and unintentional, become apparent filling me with delight and wonder. I create my work in series’ so I can fully investigate each subject. The size of the series is determined by what I need to think through and what holds my interest. Over the years I have developed a personal visual language that uses symbolism and surrealism to transform my subject matter into archetypal images giving my work a mythical quality filled with layers of meaning."

“While I use a variety of materials, the ideas are the driving force behind these visual statements not the materials. That is one reason why I use graphite, clay and wood in creating the originals. They are all very expressive without taking over. When working two-dimensionally, I begin with graphite because there's an intimacy about a hand-drawn image, which I love … whatever I put down on the paper is what I get. It is a real joy in being able to capture the creative act so purely. Julia Pavone, curator for the Alexey von Schlippe Gallery, described my drawings as follows, 'Kathleen's intricate, delicately layered graphite drawings each appear to come together to form the complex entity. As with life, each lovely drawing is made up of so many ethereal textures, shades and shapes that you want to look at more deeply to experience the emotions visually laid out before you.' Thank you, Julia. I use these drawings as the basis for my print work, which is currently digital and serigraphic. The nice thing about printmaking is I can add contrast, color and sometimes texture, depending on the type of printmaking method, while still retaining the essence of the drawings. I don't want my drawings to become painitngs or to rely on 'happy accidents' to make them interesting, thus I use technology in an intentional manner to enhance the original thought not to get away from it. When working three-dimensionally, I begin in clay or wood, both materials that are very user friendly. Clay lets me form organic shapes that are wonderful to touch while wood lets me construct simple shapes or more complex elements to compliment and finish the statements. I then cast and fabricate these elements into more permanent materials, such as bronze or stone. I do this because all my sculptures are envisioned as life-sized or large scale work to become part of the landscape or creating a landscape indoors. I often incorporate water as an essential material to complete the visual statement adding movement and life."

“The historically important artists I most admire are; Kathe Kollwitz, a German Expressionistic printmaker, Remedios Varo, a Mexican Surrealistic painter, Georgia O'Keeffe, an American Modern painter, Paul Gauguin, a French Post Impressionist painter and Brancusi, a Romanian Minimalist sculptor. All of these very different artists have inspired me to create my own visual language, which is accessible to others, while remaining intimately personal. Today I find inspiration wherever I happen to be. Whether it is here in the states, or when I lived in China, or traveling in other countries; I find if I remain open to my surroundings there is ample material to insight profound thought, which leads me to creation. One of my favorite professors told me, 'Everyone is influenced by everything they see, read or hear so choose your influences wisely'. Thanks, Dr. Orman. While some things may influence us more, basically I think he was right."

Kathleen Zimmerman

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University of Hartford Art School majoring in sculpture & printmaking  

   *attended on artistic merit scholarships and academic grants 


Zimmerman Fine Art Studio

     artist and owner

National Endowment for the Arts, Connecticut Office of the Arts and Windham Arts

     grantee, program director and artist

Lands End Sculpture Center

     monumental mold maker 

Irving Robbins Middle School

     art teacher for 7th and 8th grade public school children

Rossi Metal Sculpture

     metal shop supervisor, metal worker and plasma cutter

University of Hartford Art School

     woodshop supervisor and art student

Art Castings of Colorado

     foundry worker learning all aspects of bronze casting

Selected Exhibitions


South Gallery (NYC)

NAWA’s 129th Annual Members’ Exhibition, Group

University of Connecticut (Groton, CT)

      Late Summer Exhibition, Alexey von Schlippe Gallery, Solo

University of Connecticut (Farmington, CT)

      National Invitational Sculpture Show, Group

University of Hartford (West Hartford, CT)

       Alumni (numerous), Group

       Graduation, Two-person

Farmington Valley Arts Center (Avon, CT)

       Symbolic & Surreal, Solo


Greg Moon Art, Wilder Nightingale Fine Art & David Anthony Fine Art (Taos, NM)

     Taos Art Insurgency: The New Protagonists, Group

     *One of thirty-two artists chosen from across the nation (serigraphs)

Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center (Storrs, CT)

     Artists Live, Solo

     *Sponsored by National Endowment for the Arts, CT Office of the Arts & WindhamArts (prints)

Kehler Liddell Gallery (New Haven, CT)

     Couples, Solo

     New Members Exhibition, Group 

     *Membership on merit (drawings, prints & sculpture)

National Association of Women Artists (NYC)

      Open Small Works, Group

      Ev(e)ulotion, Group

      Clothing Optional, Group

      New Members, Group

      *Membership on merit for ‘Works on Paper’ (drawings & prints)

Mystic Museum of Art (Mystic, CT)

      Home, Group

      Members & Elected Artists (numerous), Group

      The 59th Regional, Group

      Black & White, Group

      Memory, Group

      *Award for ‘Works on Paper’ (China)

Guildford Art Center's Mill Gallery (Guilford, CT)

      66th Annual Juried, Group

      *Award for 'Works on Paper' (Rights Series - Unbalanced)

Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts’ (Mystic, CT)

      Annual (numerous), Group

      *Membership on merit (drawings, prints & sculpture)

University of Connecticut's Jorgenson Gallery (Storrs, CT)

      Connecticut Women Artists Annual Juried, Group

      *Award for ‘Works on Paper’ (Universe Series - Milky Way)

Slater Museum of Art (Norwich, CT)

      Connecticut Women Artists Annual Juried, Group

      *Membership on merit (drawings, prints & sculpture)

New Britain Museum of American Art (New Britain, CT)

       Nor'easter, Group

      *’Award for Sculpture’ (Animal Farm)

Benson Park Sculpture Garden (Loveland, CO)

     Sculpture in the Park (numerous), Group

    *Public commission for life-sized sculpture (Music Series - Melody)


National Association of Women Artists Gallery (NYC)

Silver Circle Gallery (CT)

Earth & Fire Gallery (CT)

Artisans on Middle River (CT)


    National Association of Women Artists, Inc., Juried *elected member

    Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, Juried *elected member

    Connecticut Women Artists, Juried *elected member


    State of Connecticut Office of the Arts 2017 Regional Arts Grant

    University of Hartford Art School 1995 Artistic Merit Scholarship

    University of Hartford Art School 1995 Academic Scholarship

    University of Hartford Art School 1994 Artistic Merit Scholarship

    University of Hartford Art School 1994 Academic Scholarship


    Modern Multiples Print Studio in Los Angeles, California

    Benson Park Sculpture Garden in Loveland, Colorado


 “It gives me great pleasure to recommend Kathleen Zimmerman to you.  I worked both formally and informally with Kathleen throughout her years of study at the Hartford Art School.  Kathleen quite simply is a wonderful artist and person.  She started classes at Hartford Art School with a lot of talent and through much hard work and dedication rapidly became one of the school’s pace setters as well as one of the school’s prized students.  Kathleen always works at her peak performance and so became an inspiration to all of those around her.  She is extremely bright and assimilates her experiences directly into her work.  Kathleen is a solid draughts person who is constantly working to improve her drawing skills.  Her work, though sometimes representational, works on the abstract level as well.  She has a knack for developing the subtleties that are present in her subject and presenting them powerfully to her viewer.  I feel her work is sensitive and thoroughly engaging.  Kathleen Zimmerman is a delightful person.  Her personality is cheerful and upbeat and her dedication is relentless.  I enthusiastically recommend Kathleen to you.” 

Fred Wessel, artist, tenured professor and retired head of the printmaking department at University of Hartford Art School.    

"Kathleen's intricate, delicately layered graphite drawings each appear to come together to form the complex entity.  As with life, each lovely drawing is made up of so many ethereal textures, shades and shapes that you want to look at more deeply to experience the emotions visually laid out before you."

Julia Provone, artist, curator of Alexey von Schlippe Gallery of Art located on University of Connecticut’s Avery Campus in Groton, CT.

“Kathleen is one of the most productive and innovative artists who I have the pleasure of knowing. Her style is easy to recognize both of her drawings and her sculptures. Her collection of drawings, which were inspired by her stay in China, are both imaginative and masterful. The fluidity of her lines and the softness of her shading, compose a powerful and exquisite delicacy that captivate the viewer. The same holds true for her sculptures with surfaces that flow like landscapes or waterways. I would recommend Kathleen for her professionalism, her consistent and prolific work habits, her attention to form and content using symbolism, detail, composition and originality. I have admired her work since we met years ago - fellow sculptors and friends. Her manner of living and creating Art are abundant with sensitivity and thoughtful perceptions. She translates her life into volumes of expressive works, both visual and literary and her character is as amiable as her Art."

Barbara Scavotto-Early, artist, retired public and private art teacher. 

"Benson Sculpture Garden...this public treasure annually draws tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe. It has been recognized as one of the 200 most important modern and contemporary art sites around the world and as one of the 20 must-see contemporary art sites across the USA. Kathleen's sculpture, Melody, was selected for permanent placement in Benson Sculpture Garden in 1992. It is a beautiful piece... And, after more than 20 years, it continues to be a favorite piece in our collection."

Polly Juneau, Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Loveland High Plains Arts Council. 

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 Favorite Artist Quotes

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

 Leonardo da Vinci 

"Painting (or any artform) is just another way of keeping a diary."

Pablo Picasso 

"To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage."

Georgia O'Keeffe 

"Look at life with the eyes of a child."

Kathe Kollwitz