Artist As...

In Kathleen's Artist Series, she uses a variety of her related works of art in three different collage/drawings to create prints showing the "Artist As" a feminist, a theorist and an environmentalist.  A line drawing of the artist standing with arms wide open represents her sensitivity to the world around her. It is used in each of the three designs to tie together the different elements of the collage as well as the three collages and to add another layer of meaning. 

Artist Series - Feminist, collage & print, copyrighted by Kathleen Zimmerman

The Artist as a feminist features her series': Truth, Rights and WoMan. All these works show the male and female relationship but from different perspectives. In Lovers the complementary aspect is highlighted, in Rights an unbalanced view and balanced view of how the sexes and nature are treated in society is visualized while in WoMan the different yet equal aspect is communicated. While equality of the sexes has been denied through most of human history, it is a fact of life.

Artist Series - Theorist, collage & print, copyrighted by Kathleen Zimmerman

The Artist as theorist features her series', Cosmic Cow and Universe. Cosmic Cow Series - Light Dark symbolizes the earth, the sky and higher consciousness. Kathleen's Universe Series are playful explorations into some theories concerning the universe/multiverse using a variety of animals to represent our reaction to these ideas. Who hasn't dreamed of scary aliens invading from afar, imagined what makes up the rings of Saturn, wondered what it would be like living in the caves of Mars, thought about when we might be drawn into the black hole that keeps our galaxy together or seen heaven when we look up at the stars? Humankind’s attempt to understand the world we find ourselves in as well as ponder the existence of a higher consciousness, has led us to study our world both through observation and thought.

The Artist as environmentalist features her series', Zoo and Global Warming. Both series' use the circular format to represent the eternal and the physical world. The Zoo Series symbolizes the connectedness of all life forms and the fact that animals are on the run for their lives. While Global Warming Series symbolizes the changes that are happening to our planet and the fact that current life forms are struggling to survive these unnaturally fast changes due to humans’ effect on the planet. Life has evolved into its current state largely on its own but now humankind is a player in how it moves forward or not.

Artists can play a vital role in society by being sensitive to what is going on around them and helping to rethink outdated ideas and harmful actions. In the Artist Series, Kathleen highlights three issues that she has dealt with in her work that are of vital importance; the need for humankind to confront sexism for what it is and acknowledge the inherent equality of the sexes, to work towards a better understanding the nature of our world including ourselves and to strive to protect the delicate balance that makes life possible.