True Series takes a look at three different aspects of a male/female relationship in Balance, YinYang and Double Happiness using the human figure, symbols and nature.

In Balance, Kathleen uses nude male and female figures overlying a triangle and inverted triangle surrounded by clouds to communicate nature's inherent balance between the sexes in the natural world. 

In YinYang, Kathleen uses interlocking male and female heads inscribed with the sun and the moon surrounded by urban and rural landscapes to communicate the different yet complementary roles that a couple may take on to live in today's world.

In Double Happiness, Kathleen uses nude male and female figures overlying a Chinese symbol and a heart shaped cloud, along with a pair of birds in various caring acts, to communicate the stages of life and love that a couple goes through in a long term relationship. 

While all these works show the male and female relationship from different perspectives, the common theme is the complementary aspect and the equality of the sexes. While this equality has been denied through most of human history, in the natural world this balance has always been present.