Two of Kathleen Zimmerman's recent series use landscapes as a major part of their subject matter. Not landscapes in the traditional sense but landscapes none the less. Xtrasensory and Landscape series' play with ideas concerning both states of mind and the sense of place.

Kathleen's Xtrasensory Series is made up of three very different ways of using landscapes in Cloud Nine, Spirit Guide and Dreamscape.  

Dog Daze CloudNine dp.jpg

In Cloud Nine, a landscape of clouds allows the viewer to relax and let their minds wander as they glaze upward.

Dog Daze SpiritGuide dp.jpg

In Spirit Guide, the viewer is lead on a journey through the woods as they look for enlightenment.

Dog Daze Dreamscape dp.jpg

While in Dreamscape, an invented interior/exterior landscape invites the viewer to enter a dreamworld.

Kathleen's Landscape Series is composed of two separate yet complementary works, Inner Landscape and Outer Landscape. Both deal with the notion of an interior life. 

Landscape Inner sp.jpg

Inner Landscape expresses the idea that every living being has a hidden interior life that remains private and unaccessible to the public. While it is fed from exterior "light", or life, and grows as we grow, it is the essence of what that being is and largely remains the same throughout life.

Landscape Outer sp.jpg

Outer Landscape expresses the idea that every living being shares this inner life through what they allow others to see. This exterior facade gives others a glimpse into what is going on inside but there are many aspects that are kept locked away. Some beings are more open than others so it is easier to imagine what their interior life is like but in truth, we can never really know.

Exhibitions: The graphite drawing of Spirit Guide was exhibited at the Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut during their It's a Wonderful Life: Celebrate with Art exhibition. The serigraph of Outer Landscape is being exhibited at the Mystic Museum of Art, 9 Water Street in Mystic, Connecticut from January 12- March 10th, 2018.

Update: The silkscreen of Spirit Guide and both Inner and Outer Landscape will be exhibited at Taos Art Insurgency: The New Protagonists, a National Juried Exhibition. The gallery exhibition is Saturday April 21 – May 12, 2018 at Greg Moon Art, Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, and David Anthony Fine Art on Kit Carson Road in Taos, NM. They will also be shown at the 2018 Essex Town Green Outdoor Summer Arts Festival.  The Essex Summer Arts Festival will occur Sat, June 9 (10-5pm) and Sun, June 10 (11-5pm) at the Essex Town Green, 12 Main Street, Essex CT.