by caseymcdougal

"I thought you might want to perform."

Me? Perform? Nahhhh.  :)

Kathleen Zimmerman has an exhibit called "Couples" at the Kehler Liddel Gallery in New Haven, CT.  She and I have been talking for the past few years about collaborating at some point on a project, but nothing has really stuck. Until now!

The theme of "Couples" is present in much of her work, and also aligns well with Valentine's Day, the last day of the exhibit. So, from there, I had pretty much free reign to write about whatever I wanted, which is:


and also - terrifying.

I had to once again come face to face with the trap that many artists put themselves in, which is making themselves write about a certain thing in a certain way. I kept trying to delineate specific topics and relate them to specific pieces of art in the exhibit, but then I realized I was missing the point.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago, when I sat down one afternoon with zero distractions and just let myself write, that 1.5 hours later, I had the solid foundation for my performance piece.

I have performed solo many times, but I have never done quite what this will be.

So I am working in an artistic coupling (ha) for my piece, by using the gallery space and incorporating the artwork as a background and foundation for my acting performance, but I also have another layer of collaboration in this.

I asked artist Alyssa DelCampo to create something based off a horrible sketch (I am not the visual artist here) in order to create a fun program for me to hand out before my performance. I just received the original piece in the mail yesterday and I am so excited because not only did she do an amazing job, but it just reiterates how creation is happening around us and through us all of the time.

This particular project has been built upon a series of impulses. An impulse to work with artists of other mediums, an impulse to follow through on wacky ideas so others can build them into something more beautiful, and an impulse to trust myself 100%.

While writing this blog, a documentary filmmaker friend called me and we got to talking about - well, everything, but she said, "Follow your path. Use your voice and share your gifts. You are here for a reason."

While the above quotation may seem cliche, it is completely true. Each of us is here to do something so extremely specific, which is to BE OURSELVES.  I think many people often agonize over this, because we are such a results-driven society, but in my experience, the more you allow, the more room you have to figure out what you really want to do.

My wish for myself, for you, and truly everyone is to make this year a radical one. If that means being nicer to yourself, or finally finishing that project, or taking that class you have always wanted to take, I hope you do it. Because it is way more boring and at times, painful to just have a brilliant idea and do nothing with it. Creation is an action, not just a thought.

On that note, I hope you will join us on Sunday, January 24th from 3pm-6pm to see some beautiful visual art, partake in some chocolate, wine, and cruelty free food, and of course, see my performance (4:30opm-5pm) as well!

Have a great radical weekend.


Space Series - Saturn Siesta   ,   intaglio print with charcoal, printed at Dog's Eye Print Studio, artwork and copyright by Kathleen Zimmerman

Space Series - Saturn Siesta, intaglio print with charcoal, printed at Dog's Eye Print Studio, artwork and copyright by Kathleen Zimmerman