Artists Live

Artists Live is a program curated and created by Kathleen Zimmerman in partnership with the Mansfield Downtown Partnership. It is sponsored by the State of Connecticut's Office of the Arts and WindhamArts, making it possible for regional professional level artists to show and interact with the community in and around Storrs Center in Mansfield, Connecticut. 

BearHug1, print from drawing by Kathleen Zimmerman

BearHug1, print from drawing by Kathleen Zimmerman

Artists Live is an art program created to enhance what the Mansfield Downtown Partnership, Inc. and the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry are already doing in Storrs Center by adding the visual arts to their program of events. At the designated site, the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center at 23 Royce Circle, Kathleen Zimmerman will curate a series of exhibitions, lead artists discussions and facilitate an active exchange between the guest artists and the public. The Mansfield Downtown Partnership will provide the place where the community can meet and interact with the participating artists so the community can gain insight into the creative process and an understanding of what it is like to be a working artist. The artists will share their work and their knowledge with the public in this intimate space, fostering a greater understanding between the artists and the community. The Mansfield Downtown Partnership will be able to continue their support for the arts and make Storrs Center the place to go for current culture enhancing this area both for the temporary student and the permanent resident populations. It will provide an alternative choice to the imported and historic artists work that is currently what the community has access to by granting access to some of the state's award-winning  "living" artists. 

The program provides one exhibition and artist discussion per month starting in March 2017 running through December 2017 with the exception of August. The exhibitions will begin the first Friday of each month and will be on view until the final Friday of that month. The site will be open and free of charge to the public Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm and Saturday 10am - 4pm. Additionally, each final Friday of the month from 5pm - 6pm, the exhibiting artist will engage in an artist discussion with Kathleen Zimmerman followed by a reception from 6pm-7pm providing the artist and the public a chance to become better acquinted. The participating artists are Gigi Horr Liverant, Anne Eisner, Frank Bruckmann, Gar Waterman, Oi Fortin, Jean Dalton, Lynita Shimizu, Nan Runde, Kathleen Zimmerman and John Harris in that order. 

Regional Arts Grant was awarded to Kathleen Zimmerman & The Mansfield Downtown Partnership.